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Victor Yeung, Admiral’s Chief Investment Officer, writes for several news media regularly.  Two of his Chinese books on REITs have also won the publishing award at the Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Awards 2017 and 2023.


安泓投資總監楊書健先生定期為多個新聞媒體撰寫文章,其中兩本關於房地產投資信託的中文著作,更分別奪得 2017 年及 2023 年香港出版雙年獎。


  • 2021 - 疫後房託新攻略
  • 2020 - 息賺秘笈
  • 2019 - 環球房託砌出現金流
  • 2018 - 環球置業最強天書 (co-authored 合著)
  • 2018 - 這些房託值得買

  • 2015 - 投資房託全手冊
  • 2014 - Impact of REITs on Asian Economies (co-authored 合著)
  • 2013 - Admiral's Field Notes: REITs and Rental Real Estate 
  • 2006 - Transforming Real Estate: A CMBS Primer (co-authored 合著)

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